Make Backup Copies Of Your PS3 Games - The "No Brainer" Method

Published: 25th May 2010
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If your'e right into your PS3 games then it behoves you to make backup copies of your original game discs. These games aren't inexpensive and as they come on relativelty fragile media, they can easily break which will obviously render them unplayable. So making backup copies of those games which you've already purchased is simply a matter of protecting your original investment. The bigger question is "what is the best way to make backup copies of our PS3 games?" - a question that this article will endeavor to answer.

I'm often finding that gamers when attempting to make backup copies of their PS3 games, will often try and replicate the same methods that others use to backup XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii: these methods being modding the games console (by adding a mod chip) or using a combination PC-DVD Rom Drive, DVD-R Burner and some free game copying software. Whilst these methods are reasonably effective for backing up XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii games, they're not as effective when it comes to Playstation 3.

As far as modding a PS3 is concerned, there just simply aren't that many mod chips for the PS3 available. I've seen a few advertised on the Net but it's unlikely that you'll find any in your local games repair shop. And even if there were, you still have to break open your PS3 console and solder the chip to the motherboard's circuitry - a process that requires a fair modicum of skill. As for burning backup copies of the PS3 game discs, the PS3 console will allow you to rip games and Blu-Ray movies directly onto the hard drive, but its is in decoding these files where the challenges arise. The console isn't designed to play burned PS3 games, so you can copy and backup PS3 games, but executing the files usually still requires a genuine game disc.

The missing piece of the puzzle therefore is a device which will trick the PS3 console into thinking that an inserted backup disc is in fact a genuine game disc - and will therefore play it. And this is where purpose built game copying software such as Game Copy Pro comes into play. This software has been specifically designed to bypass the media locking restrictions which games manufactures put in place. It will make perfect 1:1 copies of the original discs which your PS3 console won't be able to distingusih from the original purchased discs. Software such as Game Copy Pro is essential when it comes to making backup copies of PS3's more advanced Blu-Ray discs, for which the standard CD/DVD Burning Programs won't be of any use.


If you're looking for an easy way to backup Ps3 Games, then I would strongly recommend that you check out Game Copy Pro which provides you with an easy 3 step solution to doing PS3 Backups. You can read more about how I use Game Copy Pro for copying PS3 games at

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